Streamline PAC management with one of Washington’s most trusted fundraising & compliance platforms.


Simplify PAC Management.

With the new Crimson for PAC dashboard and features, you can track budgets, plan intended contributions, monitor independent expenditures, manage contacts, keep up with PAC donation history, and check to see which candidate committees your individual PAC donors have directly contributed.


Manage Budgets

Keep track of your PAC’s funds from Crimson for PAC’s clickable dashboards. The budgeting and accounting features help you set annual budgets, create line items, allocate contributions to be made, track recent contributions, and monitor independent expenditures. Learn more

Focus on Compliance

CMDI built its reputation on FEC compliance. Crimson for PACs feature help prevent potential errors by tracking undesignated contributions and committees missing FEC IDs. Also note excessive contributions made to candidate committees, PACs, or parties. Learn more

Keep Up with Contacts

Crimson automatically comes with the contact information and committee assignments for all Members of Congress. You can also add additional contact information to keep up with staffers, fundraisers and campaign committee personnel. Learn more


Built on 35 Years of Experience

Since 1981, CMDI has taken the first-hand knowledge of political campaigns from our staff and combined it with business enterprise planning and resource software to provide innovative technology and software solutions to political organizations. In 1996, we filed the first electronic FEC Report. In 2008, we launched the first web-based campaign software with Crimson.

During the 2018 cycle, three of the six largest Super PACs and eight of the 20 largest leadership PACs used Crimson.

In anticipation of the 2020 election, CMDI released a new version of our popular Crimson platform. It combines the same trusted features and functionality with a fresh user interface, redesigned dashboards, expanded search, and increased security in addition to a new dashboard and features exclusively designed for political action committees. Learn More


Access Anywhere

The Crimson platform is cloud-based and responsive, so you can use it on any device – smartphone, tablet or computer on Apple, Android, and Windows devices. Crimson for PACs is optimized for mobile devices to load faster and is designed to responsively fit whatever device you are using. Learn more

Outstanding Customer Support

CMDI is not only known for our compliance and fundraising expertise but also our legendary customer support. Between our online Helpdesk, toll-free number, online chat and email access, Crimson users almost always get quick and helpful responses to their inquiries. Learn more

Enhanced Security & Updates

Feedback from our clients helps guide regular updates and changes to our platform and user interface from our team of in-house developers. Keeping your campaign secure is critical. Newly incorporated two-factor authentication secures your sign in experience and prevents unauthorized access. Learn more

Request a Demo

If you have a leadership PAC already using Crimson, are with a re-election committee and are interested in adding a leadership PAC, or you are a consultant who manages a corporate or non-connected PAC in another system, the new Crimson for PAC features can help you.

Contact us today to see a live demo of how the dashboard for Crimson for PACs works.