The Crimson Platform

Crimson makes campaign management, fundraising and compliance easier for political organizations and nonprofits. The affordable, cloud-based platform provides functionality for every part of the political cycle including event planning, fundraising, accounting, donor management, bundlers, conduits and compliance. 

The Crimson platform centralizes all campaign data and voter touch points so that real-time updates can be accessed by staff anywhere through any device.

During the 2018 cycle, Crimson was used by three of the six largest super PACs and eight of the 20-largest leadership PACs.

For the first time, corporate and non-connected PACs can utilize the top-selling CRM designed by one of the most trusted technology and data companies in Washington, D.C.

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Make the FEC Filing Process Easy

FEC rules and regulations are complicated, and filing can be intimidating. CrimsonFiler gives campaigns the confidence that reports are prepared and filed accurately.


Your Crimson Data On-the-Go

CrimsonMobile takes everything we’ve ever learned about political fundraising and puts it in your pocket with our native Android and iOS native apps.



Since 1981, CMDI has provided innovative fundraising and compliance solutions for political organizations and nonprofits. While we’re known as the compliance experts and developers of the Crimson platform, we also provide caging, credit card processing, data entry and data hygiene services. More about CMDI