Crimson for PACs Features

Crimson PAC Dashboard |

Crimson for PACs Dashboard

With Crimson’s clickable dashboard, you can quickly track your PAC’s most important metrics, such as annual budgets, expenditures, and recent contributions. The dashboard’s clickable cards and graphs make it easy to identify and allocate contributions, monitor employee donations, manage pledges, spot potential compliance issues, complete thank you notes and, add new payees or expenditures.

Crimson PAC Budgets |

Easily Manage Budgets

From the dashboard, you add New Payees and Expenditures, set annual budgets, search by payees, track how much has been spent YTD, and monitor how much has been contributed by political party.

Crimson PAC Treasury Import |

Simple Data Entry & Imports

With Crimson, you can quickly add information or upload Treasury files directly from the dashboard navigation. Click on the New Payee or New Expenditure action buttons to add contributions or expenses.

Crimson PAC Payee Profile |

Manage PAC Relationships

Get a 365-degree view of all of elected officials and staff that you regularly interact with through your PAC. Not only can you look up the information for official office locations, committee assignments and keep up with the committee information of all 535 members of Congress, but you can also add contacts for fundraising and campaign staff.

Crimson also connects which of the donors to your PAC have also made individual contributions to member’s candidate committee.

Crimson PAC Member of Congress Contacts |

Member Contacts


Direct & Personal Contributions

Crimson PAC Member Contacts |

Fundraisers and Staff Contacts


Best-in-Class Compliance

CMDI is known as the compliance experts, and Crimson for PAC’s compliance features are specifically designed to make FEC reporting easier. From the dashboard, you can prevent potential compliance errors by tracking undesignated contributions and spot committees without FEC ID information. Helpful reports also note excessive contributions made to candidate committees, PACs, or parties.

Crimson PAC Reports |

Built-in Reports

In addition to building custom reports, Crimson for PACs comes with default reports including excessive contributions to candidate committees, PACs or parties, undesignated contributions, PAC vendors missing FEC IDs, pledges, contributions to other committees, and more.

3-Step FEC Filing

When you use Crimson for PACs, you also gain access to CrimsonFiler, which simplifies the process for submitting regular reports and filings to the Federal Election Commission. A three-step process guides filers through generating the correct report, importing data, and submitting the completed version. Learn more


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